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Ordering Firearms


Here are our basic guidelines for ordering firearms from us:


can I order my Corporate Arms carbine online?


Not just yet. We hope to have our e-shopping cart system up and running soon, but for now please place your order the old fashioned way, and give us a call at 1-800-256-5803. We have been pretty busy lately, so if you don't get straight through, please leave us a message and we will call you back right away. Thanks.


Do I need for you to send my Corporate Arms carbine to a FFL?


Yes, please have your local Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) send us a copy of their license and we will ship your carbine to them, for transfer to you in accordance with your state and local law.  FFL's normally charge a nominal fee for this service. If you need help finding a local dealer in your area, our sales folks can help. 


Can I buy a suppressor?


Absolutely, so long as owning one is not prohibited by state or local law where you live. There are many great suppressors on the market that work very well with our line of carbines. Just ask one of our sales representatives for advice and guidance, and we will help you obtain one. All NFA Rules Apply. 


Can I buy a SBR?

Yes. But again, a few states and localities don't allow for the private ownership of registered short barrel rifles. If you live in a state where ownership is permitted, we can transfer your SBR to your local in-state FFL / SOT, for subsequent transfer to you. All NFA Rules Apply. 


Do you ship overseas?


Yes, but all of our weapon systems and most of our accessories are regulated under ITAR (International Treaty on Arms Regualtions), and therefore would require a US Department of State Export License. Of course, you must first check the firearms and importation laws in the destination country.  Corporate Arms is registered with the US State Department's Directorate of Defense Trade Controls as a licensed manufacturer & broker. We have years of ITAR and export experience. Sometimes it can be a lengthy and bureaucratic process, but if you are interested in our weapon systems and are located overseas, just give us a call.   

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