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Specializing In Pistol and Rifle Caliber Carbines That Use the Magazines You Already Own;
Including Glock, AK / AKM, and Others
The Corporate Arms SMG - G9

The Corporate Arms SMG - G9

Why A Corporate Arms Pistol Caliber Carbine Is A Good Choice For Many Law Enforcement Agencies And Responsible Citizens :
  • Interoperable with your Glock service pistol magazines and duty ammunition

  • Allows the operator to shoot faster and more accurately than with a handgun

  • For Close Combat and VIP Protection, the Corporate Arms SMG can be configured with a barrel as short as 5.5 inches, and 19 inches overall

  • With a quality suppressor and subsonic ammunition, our carbines are hearing safe with dramatically reduced blast pressure

  • Firing pistol caliber cartriges, training can be conducted at almost any indoor shooting range 

  • Pistol caliber cartridges are more economical for training

  • Can be safely shot with any ammunition type in that caliber, including heavy +P and +P+ duty loads, and light frangible rounds

  • Greatly reduced initial training time required for those already proficient with the AR15/M16/M4 weapon system

  • Very little felt recoil

  • Compatible with most off-the-shelf AR spare parts and accessories

  • Select-Fire (Fully Automatic) models available for authorized    Law Enforcement / Government / Export Customers

  • Semi-Automatic civilian models available in several configurations including 16" Rifles, Registered Short Barrel Rifle (SBR), and Pistol

  • Currently available in 9x19mm, .40S&W, .45ACP                        Coming Soon: .357SIG and 10mm AUTO

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